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Fay Lin, PhD

Computational Biologist

Science Communicator

Mental Health Advocate

I completed my PhD in Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in June 2021. My PhD research used math modeling to simulate immune response and understand how our immune system is able to distinguish different health threats. What excites me about science is applying computational tools to biological problems.


In addition to science, I’m a huge mental health advocate. My personal struggle with depression has shown the importance of open dialogue, especially in the STEM fields where mental health discussions are still highly stigmatized. See examples of my advocacy in the media.

Science thrives from healthy and supportive work environments, and mentors who champion their mentees. Follow me on Twitter @xiaofei_lin for all things science communication, wellness, and compassion.


Interested in building a collaboration? Send me a message!

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Science Communicator

How can we make science more accessible to the public?


Mental Health Advocate

Mental health struggle is a human experience. Let's normalize the conversation and stop the stigma.

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Hear current and former academics discuss mental health, professional development, diversity/equity/inclusion, and more in this YouTube Live video series.

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