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“Why does isolation suck? Ask me, I’m a Grad Student with Fay Lin,” Ask Me, I’m a Scientist by Dr. Susanna Harris. YouTube Live. April 21, 2020.

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My Mental Health Journey

During my last year of undergrad, I experienced a major depressive episode that left me completely debilitated. On the outside, I was thriving as an honors scholar at NYU, working as a peer mentor as a resident assistant in my dorm, and completing my undergraduate research thesis. I didn’t ‘look’ like someone who was depressed. Mental health stigma told me I was weak and not worthy of help. 

In March 2019, I started my Twitter platform @xiaofei_lin to open up about my experiences, particularly as a grad student struggling with mental health in academia. I use my voice to challenge stigma, share mental health resources, and remind people struggling that they are not alone.

Since that time, I have highly engaged with mental health awareness in the media. From video series (like Grad Chat from PhD Balance) to published writing to speaking in podcasts, seminars, and panels, I work to ensure that mental health stories are at the forefront of the conversation.


Want to collaborate on a mental health project? Send me a message!

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